Timeshare Cancellation

M.T.G. Consultants has handled cases with nearly every existing resort, agency, and corporation that develops and sells timeshare memberships or ownership. Every case that our office has pursued has revealed significant levels of misrepresentation, or fraud that took place during or after the Timeshare point-of-sale. With consumers unaware of their rights being violated by the resort sales agent, it's up to M.T.G. Consultants to ensure the resort is held responsible for the misrepresentation that took place, and ultimately, relieve clients by cancelling their timeshare. If you were bought a timeshare due to the use of deceptive sales tactics and are trying to sell your timeshare, give us a call and get free advice about other options you have.


Our offices have over 30 years of combined experience in dealing with the Timeshare Industry.


We promise an uncompromised commitment to excellence for our clients.


If we decide to take on your case, we guarantee that your timeshare will be cancelled, or your money back.
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Meet the Teams

Our commitment to serve each and every client respectfully, discreetly, and professionally has helped us win the loyalty of individuals troubled with timeshare ownership. At M.T.G. Consultants, we aim to provide a fast for your case. Our office consists of a remarkable team of experts from the timeshare industry. Each team serves a vital role in the process of cancelling each client's timeshare contract through the deed-back process. For cases that require a more aggressive approach, our partnered Legal Team will provide the necessary legal services to secure the timeshare cancellation. Their office is one of the very few reputable Legal Firms that specialize in timeshare-related cases.

Picture of Account Specialists

Account Specialists

Consumers, that are seeking an option for getting rid of their timeshare, start by working with an account specialist. Our specialists will go over the experiences each client has had for the purchase and ownership of their timeshare to-date, so we can better determine the needs of each clients case.

Picture of Case Management

Case Management

A dedicated Case Manager is assigned to each client to handle the cancellation. They will give clients monthly updates through the entire process, and will be available for any questions they may have. The Management Team works through handles the entire deed-back process.

Picture of The Legal Team

The Legal Team

There are a few Timeshare companies and resorts that immediately put up a strong defense when pressured with the demand for a contract cancellation. Because of this, our Legal Team handles any case that becomes escalated or that requires legal action from the beginning.

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We are dedicated to helping clients in any way possible with our exceptional customer service. Our mission is to provide you with the best experience possible, while we go through the process of cancelling the ownership of your timeshare. With the peace of mind provided by our Ironclad Money Back Guarantee, clients finally can rest easy knowing they are being taken care of. "



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